Tiny Coders

We believe all humans are born creative. Our Tiny Coders program is designed to engage the innate creativity of our little ones by introducing them to the basics of computer science and logical reasoning. By using tools such as Award-winning board game, Robot Turtles, MIT's ScratchJr, Beebot, Dash and Dot, Sphero etc, our tiny coders are introduced into the world of hardware and software as they build their first coding projects.

9jacodekids ScratchJr

Using a visual interface designed for young learners, ScratchJr is the latest Android and  iPad-based application developed in collaboration with MIT Media Labs. Through intuitive drag-and-drop coding blocks, students are introduced to the foundations of programming through creating simple games and animations. Through experimenting with code using fun and engaging characters and designs, students develop an understanding of logical thinking and basic computer science concepts