4 skills employers will go after in the future, the best is Number 4.


By Sebastian Okhanigbe

As parents, you are concerned about every aspect of your child’s life, and it is not just because of today. Most times, the worries are about tomorrow and even the day after that.  How their future turns out to be, is what fills your thought even as you attend to the problems of the present. Now, we take notice of what the wild headlines around us suggest; robots taking over many jobs and the likes. So unbelievable but fact. Just a little drift, some companies in china already using an army of robots to sort out 200,000 packages a day, have been able to successfully cut down as much as half their initial salary pay.

The best we can do for our kids is help them remain informed and prepared because there is no precise certainty what the future of work may be. However, there are skills organizations will need in the future regardless.

1. Programming and analytic skills:

  1. The rapid growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is the key driver of the fourth industrial revolution, and they will change the future of work a great deal. Dealing with repetitive tasks will become faster and more precise with AI than humans could have. With this level of job uncertainty, those with the skills to develop and implement AI will be in high demand for employers and entrepreneurs alike, who want to revolutionize the way of their business. Programming and analytical skills are the basis for the use of AI. Having them will be a great advantage in the future.

2. Sales and marketing:

  1. This skill might not sound particularly futuristic but it cannot be completely automated (for the time being). It would always require human assistance to make decisions, close deals with other humans. However, marketing has been transformed by technology by introducing channels like social media, affiliate marketing, digital content, and so on. This alone will require marketers to up their game to stay in the competition. Understanding how to get the most value out of the broadest network will be a key area to stay above the curve

3. Emotional intelligence:

  1. Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognize emotions in ourselves and others. Humans will always have this advantage over machines so, mastery of this skill will help us work in collaborative environments and get the best results from everyone. It cannot be automated so, it is very necessary for a career that involves working with other people.

4. Creativity:

  1. This is the key skill for the future because it does not apply to only a profession in tech, it is relevant across all industries. As technology gradually slips in to take over many functions, the differentiating factor will be creativity. What makes you different? This is just the cover term but within lies diverse areas to be considered; cognitive skill, complex problem solving, and a flexible imagination. Creativity in all cannot be automated just like Emotional intelligence, machines might do the groundwork but only what we tell them to do.

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