5 Careers your kids can pursue after learning to code

Ugochukwu Nkwocha

By Ugochukwu Nkwocha

I guess you reading this article because you are curious to know the different job opportunities your kids can take advantage of after learning how to code. 

The tech industry is vast and coders are always in high demand. I’ve taken time to research some of these highly lucrative jobs and the best part, your kids don’t have to wait until they earn a University degree in order to learn how to code or get hired for these jobs.

DISCLAIMER: Like every other skill coding requires hard work, time and diligence to master and become great at. So don’t imagine your kids will become expert coders after just a few coding lessons 😁

Still curious? Here are 5 job roles your kids can build a career in after learning how to code

  1. Software tester
  2. Game developer
  3. Mobile app developer
  4. Web developer
  5. Artificial Intelligence developer.


A software tester is an individual that tests software or applications for bugs, errors, defects or any problem at all that can affect the performance of the software or application. Companies are always building software and these companies require people to test their software to ensure they are performing optimally and are up to the right standard. Software testers are usually part of a software development team and perform functional and non-functional testing of software using manual and automated software testing techniques. Even though software testing isn’t coding per se because it doesn’t actually involve building the software, knowing how to code will give you an edge as a software tester.

AVERAGE SALARY: According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a software tester is $66,024 in the United States and can differ in countries.


A video game developer is a software developer specializing in video game development – the process and related disciplines of creating games. Have you ever played games like Call of Duty (COD), Minecraft, Mortal Kombat etc? Can you imagine the level of creativity from these games? These games generate millions or even billions of dollars every year and the number of people who play these games daily run into millions. To start building games a game developer would need to learn programming languages like C++, C#, Java, SQL etc. If your kids love to play games a lot then you might consider encouraging them to make their own games and building a career as a game developer.

AVERAGE SALARY: According to Glassdoor, average base salary for a game developer is $70,781 in the United States and can differ in other countries.


The average person has 80+ apps on their mobile phone and uses an average of 9 apps daily for an average of 4.2 hours daily. We practically depend on apps for day to day activities. A mobile app developer’s job is to design, create, and update mobile applications, whether on Android or iOS. He or she uses programming languages like Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Swift etc to bring these apps to life. The increase in demand for mobile apps by companies of all sizes and in every industry has made the demand for Mobile app developers to skyrocket.

AVERAGE SALARY: According to Glassdoor, average base salary for a Mobile App developer is $77,465 in the United States and can differ in other countries.


A web developer is responsible for designing and developing websites and web applications. Using a variety of programming languages and web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Node.JS etc. web developers manage site functionality, implement application features, and integrate security measures. Good web developers are treasured assets in this time because of the high demand in digital e-commerce. Lots of businesses are going online and everyday people are seeking the services of web developers to build and manage websites for them.

AVERAGE SALARY: According to Glassdoor, average base salary for a Web developer is $69,161 in the United States and can differ in other countries.


Have you ever wondered how applications like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are able to listen to your voice and answer your questions? That’s the power of artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. Artificial intelligence is rapidly taking over the human activities and making things a lot easier. According to research, experts anticipate AI in education to grow by 43% in the next few years. The AI industry is not even a half tapped industry and starting your kids with the right foundation and skill will give them an edge in the coming years. Who knows, your child could even build his/her own Alexa.😁

Interested in AI? Explore languages like Python to give you a headstart. Also study human psychology and a lot of human behavior.

AVERAGE SALARY: According to Glassdoor, average base salary for an Artificial Intelligence developer is $77,465 in the United States and can differ in other countries.

So you see, learning to code isn’t just some hobby your kids should learn, it has the potential of becoming a high-paying job for them. Excited about the possibilities? Enroll your kids for our  Summer Code Camp and get them started.

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