5 Reasons why kids should learn to code

Ugochukwu Nkwocha, Founder CEO 9jacodekids Academy

By Ugochukwu Nkwocha

Could you be wondering why it’s necessary for your kids to learn coding?

In today’s technological evolving world, coding has become more necessary and valuable, especially for the younger generation. Just as Tynker states on their blog, “Learning facts is less and less relevant in a world where Google can satisfy just about any question in a matter of milliseconds; it is skills that will enable children to succeed, and that set of skills must include programming.”

These are 5 reasons why your kids should learn to code starting from today:

1. Coding is in high demand in today’s technological evolving world

  1. It’s obvious that times have changed and we live in a world where ‘almost’ everything is being controlled by technology. Software controls virtually everything we do from smartphones to mobile apps, websites, cars, the Internet, cars, machines etc. Coding is the process of writing instructions to create software so it should be obvious that those who can create software are in high demand across all sectors.

  2. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, robotics, additive technology and Internet of Things etc more software is needed and demand for coders will be on the increase.

2. Coding helps kids to develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.

  1. When giving a task to accomplish or a problem to solve with coding, it’s not possible to wing it or guess your way through it. You must think through the problem, break it into its component parts and map out the right steps to solving it. Not only must you map out the right steps but those steps must be in the correct order else your code won’t work. Only then can you write the code that addresses that problem or task. This forces kids to think critically and logically about any challenges they encounter while coding.

3. Coding gives kids the courage and confidence to try new things

  1. When kids are learning to code, they encounter failure along the way as most times they get it wrong before they get it right. This encourages them to try out new ideas until they find one that works. Coding is great at this because there is not one solution to any coding problem. Different people can use different techniques or approaches to arrive at the same result.

4. Coding is a language and kids learn better and faster when they’re young

  1. Most adults are set in their ways and might be to busy to invest the time to learn a new language. Kids on the other hand are like sponges, they absorb whatever is in their environment. A child that grows up in China would naturally speak Mandarin without struggle. So the best time for your kids to try out new stuff is when they are kids. The older they get the more difficult it becomes to learn new things. Since coding is a very important skill today and in the future, it makes perfect sense to engage your kids in it as early as possible.

5. Coding teaches perseverance and determination

  1. Perseverance and determination are critical factors for success in life and it’s important for kids to build them as young as possible. When coding, things rarely ever work the first time. However once it works, there’s a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that coders get. This motivates them to stick with the task until they complete it. This is similar to the feeling you get when playing video games and you earn points. This time however the kids are working on something more creative and productive than merely playing video games.  

Having known all of these, isn’t coding worth doing? Great then! It’s very achievable. Your child can learn coding beginning from today. Click to check out our age appropriate coding courses for your kids

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