After-School Online Coding Classes for Kids Age 7-16

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Learning to code opens your child to the amazing world of technology. This time not as a consumer but as a creator. Have you noticed that those who create technology control the world? Take a look at Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter etc., all are mobile apps that have turned into  billion dollar companies and their creators, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Dorsey all learnt how to code before they turned 15.

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How Our After-School Online Classes Work

Our after-school online code club consist 10 classes over a 5-week period, twice a week, Classes run for 2 hours per session, 4pm – 6pm

Choose two days of the week (Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Thursdays or Fridays) that will be convenient for your child for the duration of the program.

  • Starting February 15th (1st Batch)

Why Choose 9jacodekids?

What Other Parents Are Saying

"9jacodekids, thank you for transforming my son. Just two weeks of the summer code camp and I'm seeing him do amazing things with technology. Technology is indeed the future"
Paul Foh
Nigeria's No. 1 Sales Coach
Thank you for all the encouragement 9jacodekids. Your staff are amazing, you have a great learning environment. Thank you for all you do for my boy.
Sifon Bassey
At first, honestly, when I heard 9jacodekids, I was like 'That name sounds razz' But coming here, I saw that it was an organized place and I really had peace bringing my son Gerald here. He was always excited to come "
9jacodekids Parent testimonial summer code camp for kids in Port Harcourt Nigeria
Onome Akhideno

Our Students on BBC Africa

Our students Fathia Abdullahi and Tobiloba Owolola were featured on BBC Africa for building robots that solved problems for them. Fathia built a robot that folds T-shirts while Tobi built a robot that senses objects and removes them

Please Read Before Filling the Form

To join the online class you will need the following

Tuition is N33,500 for one child and if you have more than one, you enjoy sibling discount. First child pays N33,500 while subsequent children pay only N29,500

Please make payment to Codebot Technologies Ltd, 4626850013, FCMB and send evidence of payment to

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Got Questions? WE GOT ANSWERS


Here are some of the most common questions parents just like you have asked us. 

Coding, or programming, is simply the learning of computer language. In order to control computers (or robots or drones), we need to give instructions in a language that they understand – that language is programming language, and the act using that language is coding. We live in an increasingly digital world, and to understand how to code is to understand how this digital world works. Just as we learn science to understand how our nature works, our children must learn coding to understand how technology around us works.

We teach several programming languages to our students, depending on their age and experience. For beginners we use visual programming languages like Scratch, and Kodular, and will eventually proceed to learn text-based programming language like Python. Either way, our lessons are designed to be fun and accessible to everyone.

Learning to code helps to develop many important skills that can help a child succeed in school and life beyond. Some of these skills are problem solving skills, critical & logical thinking, creativity, and computational thinking skills. Children also uses mathematics and scientific skills to solve programming problems. In addition to that, we encourage collaboration in our classes, thus helping a child develop his confidence and social skills.

Our innovative curriculum guarantees that most of our students will be able to develop a simple software after going through our  program. What kind of software depends on your child’s interest and passions. He/she could build games, animations, mobile apps, and any kind of software.

For Online classes our students’ age ranges from 7 to 16 years old. We start from age 7 because we believe that at this age the child is able to use a computer independently

Manufacturing, Banking, Medical, Transportation, Telecomunication, IT… in fact any industry that uses technology (which is almost all) will benefit from the knowledge of Coding. You do not need to be a computer scientist or programmer to learn coding, just as you do not need to be a mathematician to learn maths.

Robotics is actually an application of Coding. In order to control a robot, one would need to program it. Learning coding may enable your child to program or control a robot, computer, and even drones.

This depends on the age of the child and if the child has prior knowledge on computer programming. Call to talk with our counselor to find out which course is most appropriate for your child.

Because technology and software controls everything we do in this digital age, demand for those who will create this technology  has skyrocketed and this has made coding the number one in-demand skill for everyone in the 21st century.

Coding teaches creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and most importantly helps us to solve problems by creating software that makes life easier for people.

Our programmes include intermediate and advanced courses for returning students. Our curriculum roadmap shows you the path your child can take to continue on their coding and innovation journey.



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