App Development 101 for kids age 9-16

15 Self-Paced, downloadable Video Lessons. The simplest and easiest way to get your child to learn the fundamental concepts of programming and android app design, even with no prior experience.

Are your kids ready to thrive in a digital world?

There’s no way around it. Learning how to code has become a necessary skill especially for the younger generation.

With the population of computers and smartphones surpassing global human population, Coding, the language spoken by computers and smart devices is now the new literacy in the 21st century.

Being able to speak this language will give your child an unfair advantage in career and business as it enables them to innovate and create technology. 

This Course is for you if...

What will my child gain?

Understand the building blocks of computer programming

This course simplifies the most important concepts in computer programming in a way that a 7-year old can understand. With numerous projects and examples, your child will easily understand these concepts.

Learn to think critically and solve problems logically

By following step-by-step the projects taught in this course, your child will learn to think creatively, logically, and critically as they solve problems.

Build their own android mobile applications

Children already love to use apps. Imagine the excitement they'll get as they get to learn coding by creating something they already love.

What will my child need?

Used to be N15,000

Now For a Limited Time Only at N6,999

Which is the price of 3 Sharwamas or 1 medium sized pizza


Get Lifetime Access to…

15 Downloadable Videos (N10,000 value)

Simple and easy to understand videos that explain the fundamentals of computer programming with hands-on coding exercises for your kids to practice their coding skills.

11 PDF Worksheets (N2,500 value)

Test your kids understanding with the worksheets. Each concept taught has a corresponding worksheet.

8 Coding Challenges (N2,500 value)

Coding challenges designed to boost creativity and build your child’s critical thinking and logical reasoning. If your child loves challenges, they’ll love these.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re buying this course because you want your little one to start writing code and we guarantee that they will. If after 1 MONTH your child isn’t able to gain anything from the videos just let us know.

Send us an email and we’ll refund your N6,999 in full and you can keep the videos and worksheets. How’s that for fair?

What Parents Are Saying...

What Parents Are Saying...

How it works

The lessons use the popular block-based programming tool KODULAR ,available for both Windows and Apple computers (Laptop or Desktop)

Download the videos into a laptop

Create a Gmail account for accessing Kodular on your web browser

Playback the videos on a laptop, TV with USB Drive, or phone according to the lessons so your child can complete a lesson before progressing to the next one.

Your child should watch the videos and practice the projects repeatedly until they understand the concepts.

Use the worksheets and coding challenges to test their understanding of the concepts. Answers to the worksheets are provided as well.

Encourage your kids to come up with their own ideas of building new projects or improving existing ones

Sample Videos

Play Video
Play Video

Topics Covered

We’ve taken the 10 core concepts in computer programming and broken them down into simple and easy to understand chunks for your kids to grasp them in no time.

A Mum and Daughter's Experience

Who Are We?

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If you make payment by card, you will INSTANTLY receive an email with the link to download the videos and worksheets. 

If you paid by Bank Transfer, please send an email to with proof of payment and full Name. We will send you the link by email to download the videos and worksheets

Yes you can. The videos are downloadable so there is no restriction. You will only need to print 2 sets of workbooks for the 2 children


You only need data once to download the videos and worksheets. Once downloaded you no longer need data.

Definitely YES. Children as young as 4 are able to understand the basic concepts of coding. 9jacodekids has taught over 3000 kids how to code with many of them as young as 4 years.

Yes they can because the computational thinking concepts we teach are applicable to every age. But the projects are more tailored to kids age 4-6.

For enquiries regarding purchase of these course, send us an email at Or Call or Whatsapp on 08105082289 between 8am and 7pm

The knowledge they acquire they should enable them start creating their own simple games and animated stories. This is just the foundation of creating more complex apps and software in the future.

We advise watching the videos repeatedly and following the instructions step by step.

All your child needs is a laptop or desktop computer, an inquisitive mind and a willingness to learn.

Children learn from whatever they are constantly and repeatedly exposed to. By watching movies, cartoons etc they absorb information. The idea behind this is for them to watch repeatedly and follow the instructions by the tutor. Overtime it will begin to sink. Remember that children absorb information a lot.

While your child would have understood the fundamental concepts of programming, it is important to note that learning to code is a progressive journey and your child still has a very exciting journey ahead. WATCH OUT for the our CODING 102 lessons coming soon



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