Artificial Intelligence [AI]; a blessing or threat to my child's future?


By Sebastian Okhanigbe

What sort of future do you want for your child? Would you like to see jobs automated? Will intelligent machines replace us, live with us or interface with humans? How are you empowering your kids today towards their future careers? Then think about this what will it mean to our future in the age of Artificial intelligence?

Let’s start by knowing what artificial intelligence AI is. Artificial Intelligence is best explained as an entire aspect of technology that makes Machines think and learn on their own so one day, it will help us solve problems we cannot solve ourselves.

There are a couple of this technology already in use. For example, have you noticed that when you type on your device, it can predict what you intend to type? Over time your device understands what you are trying to say and completes the sentences for you In the best way possible. Have you also heard about SIRI the Apple virtual assistant? It listens to us and performs the task in one tap.

Siri set a reminder for 12pm for toms birthday party.

  1. It goes to an even bigger area for human use. Artificial intelligence will change the world in every way including our workplace. We need to embrace this tech so we can have the best use of it.

Will AI be a blessing or a threat?

  1. Everything in excess is dangerous and so is the case of Artificial intelligence. What makes it significant is the science of making intelligent machines for good. Like the just concluded batch of our weekend code club at 9jacodekids, goes with the tag “Technology for good” this will only inspire the kids to think in areas of positive use. Many sectors are optimistic that in the future, AI will result in more job creation than a loss of jobs, and for our children, it will be a whole lot of opportunities to deploy their creative Ideas and explore a pool of new careers.

    They might also meet some old careers but technology would have slightly transformed its mode of operations. For example, instead of a lawyer spending hours reading case law, a computer can quickly list the cases they might want to reference in front of the judge. Also, physicians spending days, weeks, or even months to figure out the need of a patient, a super intelligent machine already fed with bulk patient data can spit out a diagnosis in seconds. AI will go over a patient’s record and pharmaceutical data to come up with the best treatment plan. If anything our children might have more fulfilling Jobs than we do now because of the introduction of AI and Technology at large.

    In the age of artificial intelligence, Teaching should be focused on roles associated to working with Tech with emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as well as subjects centered around building creativity and collaboration while stimulating curiosity.

    For this reason, teaching children coding and all other technology-related concepts are now widespread. Different platforms make it easier for kids to learn in fun ways. The younger they are the easier they will learn. Even employers now put these skills into consideration when screening new employees, which shows that the demand for such skills will even increase in the future. For us, Artificial Intelligence is a blessing gradually unfolding.

As a school, we are blessed to have so many tools available to design a flexible, well tailored path in tech for your kids. We are empowered to work with good professionals, and our community is ready to set your kids up for success in their future of work. You can sign up your kids for our Easter online code club  to hold this April for ages 7-16 and also order our Downloadable video Lessons for ages 4-16.