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The Power Of Software

What will you do when a robot takes over your precious job? Will you cry or stage a protest, blame people from your village or that man in your office who doesn’t want your progress? Scriptures say “don’t say we have yet four months to the harvest” The harvest is already ripe. This will happen sooner than you think.

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coding robotics for kids in Abuja Lagos Port Harcourt Nigeria

How Coding Prepares Your Child For A Bright Future

Twenty years ago, few people could predict that the near future industries would be dominated by technology. Take for example how Uber and other transportation companies are advancing the transportation industry through self-driving cars, and how artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa have taken communication between man and computer to a whole different level.

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kids coding in port harcourt lagos abuja nigeria

Coders Are Solution Providers

A coder is a person who creates and implements various computer programs using source code. They are the brains behind the brilliant actions that computers execute; they decide what the computer responds to and how it does that.

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Ugochukwu Nkwocha founder 9jacodekids teaching a little girl to code

How I Started Coding

I learnt how to code as an adult, in fact as a Masters degree student. I have a background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering and my first attempt at coding was in 2nd year at the University of Port Harcourt. We were taught Fortran 77 and I failed it. I carried the course over and managed to get a D in 3rd year.

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