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Unleash The Tech Giant In Your Kids.

A child’s mind is like a sponge, absorbing huge amounts of information from its surroundings. The activities kids engage in while growing up play a major role in shaping who they become. Early exposure to technology as a creative tool has proven to have positive effect on a child’s interests and eventual future career choices.

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Our Education System Is Crap!

Britain gave the world the steam engine that led to the 1st Industrial revolution. America gave the world the combustion engine that led to the 2nd Industrial revolution. America also brought the personal computer and the Internet that led to the 3rd Industrial revolution.

The question he asked was “what major innovation has Africa as a whole given to the world?”

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Coding Classes, Are They Worth The Money?

Just recently major tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Hilton and so many others announced that they are no longer hiring based on college degrees but are focusing on skills like creativity, problem-solving and coding. You might wonder “so a university degree is no longer needed to get a job?” Yes and no

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Nigeria Is In Desperate Need Of Programmers

There are an estimated 26.4 million software developers in the world. Of these, North America has an estimated 4.4 million; Europe has an estimate of 5.5 million, India has an estimated 5.5 million, China has 1.9 million and Russia 1.3 million according to Evan’s data corporation.

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The Power Of Software

What will you do when a robot takes over your precious job? Will you cry or stage a protest, blame people from your village or that man in your office who doesn’t want your progress? Scriptures say “don’t say we have yet four months to the harvest” The harvest is already ripe. This will happen sooner than you think.

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