Coders Are Solution Providers

Ugochukwu Nkwocha, Founder/CEO 9jacodekids Academy


A coder is a person who creates and implements various computer programs using source code. They are the brains behind the brilliant actions that computers execute; they decide what the computer responds to and how it does that. There are a list of coders who have made meaningful impact in the world by providing answers to world problems, I will mention two out of all them to show us how much bliss coders have brought to our world.

Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX is a coder dedicated to creating inventions that helps make human living more convenient, many of his inventions include Paypal, an online payment app that allows you to send money online from one part of the world to another, he also invented electric cars, solar panels and is currently working a on a speed transporter called hyper loop which he proposes would able to transport its passengers at a faster speed.

Another example is the popular Facebook co –founder Mark Zuckerberg who bridged the gap of communication across the world by creating an app that connects people from all works of life with a single click or search. Facebook didn’t only make human interactions faster and closer but it also boosted business sales as business owners were able to bring their product right to the face of their consumers and also interact with them, making easier for the consumer to be comfortable with buying their product.

“The beauty of coding is proffering solutions to a problem that sometimes look big and difficult by simply imputing codes into the computer; instructing them on how to tackle the problem.”

A coder is a problem solver who is not intimidated by the complexity of a problem, been equipped with the ability to think outside the box through the art of coding. Coders have made users interface with computers more easy and friendly; now anyone can go on Google and search for what they want without going through the rigour of imputing an algorithm. All this was possible because a coder decided to be a soothing gap between the problem of human race and solutions.


The leaders of tomorrow are those who can proffer solutions to the problems of the universe. Your child could be the next Elon Musk or Bill Gates, equip your children for tomorrow now.

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