Process and Policy on Installment Payments for 9jacodekids Academy

You can pay for 9jacodekids holiday and weekend programs in 2 or 3 installments

If you choose to pay in 2 installments, you pay 25,000 Naira now and 17,000 Naira later

If you choose to pay in 3 installments, you pay 17,000 Naira now then 12,500 Naira and 12,500 Naira later

The regular fee for 9jacodekids Online Class is 40,000 Naira. Installment payments cost slightly more because of the cost of managing them. We charge a 5% processing fee on the original fee.

Full payment shall be made before admittance into the class.


If you wish to pay in installments, kindly pay the first installment now to Codebot Technologies Ltd, FCMB, 4626850013. After payment, email or WhatsApp 08105082289 stating your full name and submitting the proof of payment.

Please note that if you make some installment payment and wish to cancel without completing the payment, we will charge a penalty of 4000 Naira, then refund the balance within 10 working days.

All refunds follow the same process of 4000 Naira processing/penalty fee.

If you wish to pay the full fee of 40,000 Naira at once, you can pay to the same account above