AppStudio 1: Create Your Own App


This course introduces students to the fundamentals of app building,  computer science and Design Thinking. Students learn hands-on with step-by-step instructions for building more than a dozen fun projects. Going through this course will empower students with problem solving skills which they will apply to their daily lives. They’ll learn to look out for everyday problems and proffer solutions to them using technology.


  • Introduction to computer programming, algorithms and basic logic controls
  • Creating their first app and familiarizing with App Inventor
  • Concepts to manipulate data: variables, operators, data types
  • Introduction of data storage: database


Personalized Learning

Our courses are designed for students to run at their own pace. Our curriculum is level-based for each module, meaning that each student can learn at their own appropriate, customized pace.

Hands-on project based learning

9jacodekids classrooms are creativity-driven. There are no dull moments in our classrooms. We believe in hands-on creation, experimental learning and lots of discussion.

Follow on Curriculum for Immersed Learning

What happens after summer? Like learning any other language, learning to code is best done through an immersive, continual commitment. We offer a multi-year curriculum that allows students to deepen and broaden their interests in computer science and software development.



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