10 free coding Apps and Websites for kids


By Sebastian Okhanigbe

It is no more news, the importance of learning to code at an early age. We also know that this skill has become a global demand, but still, the issue is to have access to the right resources that would cost little or nothing, while still getting the knowledge. Look no further, we have gone the length to examine a pool of resources all so to guide you, in the right direction. With these few apps and websites be sure to get the best foundation in coding for your kids

Keep reading to learn more about some free resources you never knew could help your child learn to code

Apps and websites you never knew was free


  1. CODEKARTS is a pre-school programming puzzle app, suitable for kids age 4+ to start with. It is based on guiding a race car through a path, by setting its direction to navigate the track. It helps the kids develop observational skills, thinking speed, and logic. It can be used on any iOS and Android mobile device.

    CODESPARK uses a gamified and learning process, which allows kids to give instructions to different characters called “FOOS”. It applies the use of the drag and drops command to guide these characters to their destination. They get awarded one, two, or three stars based on how efficiently they use the commands.  Kids age 5+ can comfortably learn with this App and it runs on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and windows.

    SCRATCH Jr is recommended for kids age 4+, and with little help from an adult, they can set up, it is a rich platform for getting kids into coding and turning imagination into animated stories. By dragging and dropping Lego-like commands they can give instructions to the characters popularly called “SPRITE”, and bring to life, their imaginations. It is very well suited for iOS, Android/Kindle fire operating Systems.

    KODABLE brings the concepts of coding through a series of games. The kids play to advance through the levels in an outer space environment. Kodable is a great way to teach kids to deliberately develop problem-solving skills they can apply to any subject.  It is suited for kids age 4+ and runs on IOS devices as also used easily on any browsers.

    CARGOBOT still works as a drag and drop sequence of directions to move a robotic arm which moves crates following the same patterns shown at the top of the screen. The challenges in this game, help kids to think out precise patterns and solve problems. It works on both IOS and Android and the age for use is 4+.


  1. CODEMONKEY teaches coding following a step-by-step lecture embedded in different levels. It is an online game designed to deliver more fun and an effective process of learning. Its format works in sub-levels intending to retrieve all the bananas a gorilla stole from the monkey. You do not need to download before use, let your kids 8+ jump on this one and play on. 

    LIGHTBOT introduces kids to learn some coding concepts without even feeling tasked. They learn sequencing, patterns, conditionals, and procedures. Lightbot is a preparatory puzzle game very suitable for introducing first-timers to coding. Its goal is to guide a robot to light up all the blue tiles in each level and to achieve that, you must use a set of instructions.

    CODEMOJI as a platform, gives kids a simpler hands-on experience in building web-pages and animations. It combines a library of emoticons, which replaces text-based commands for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to create lines of code while still keeping to standard coding logic. There is no need to memorize a lot of codes this way because it is mostly drag-and-drop. This platform is targeted at kids age 6+.

    CODEAVENGERS is a fun and effective online learning website, which includes an introduction to text-based coding, web developments using python, HTML & CSS, or JavaScript well suited for kids from 9+. The lessons come with written directions where students will need to follow to go through the challenges. Although, it doesn’t necessarily work with character or storylines, as the kids proceed in the challenges they encounter short game breaks between lessons to keep them motivated.

    SCRATCH was created by MIT’s lifelong kindergarten Group. It can be used online or downloaded without an internet connection. Similar to the App for Younger kids, they can also program games and animations. It uses the same characters called sprites but this is designed for kids 7+.

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