How coding answers the curiosity in kids..


By Sebastian Okhanigbe

The beauty of introducing coding to children from an early age, when the brain can learn any skill easily is that, it encourages the habit of inquiry which will help them throughout the course of their lives across every discipline. Who would have imagined that at one time we taught our kids how to eat but today, they teach us how to use our smartphones. That fearless curiosity kids have is what enables them to discover new ways to positively impact the world.

As parents we know that feeling when they ask how everything works;

“Why is water wet?”

“Why does the light come on when i push the switch?”

“Where does the sun stay at night?”

As tiring as it can be to provide answers to everything, we can still see that their constant habit of asking “why is” and “what is”, is a pointer to their great interest to learn. Even Albert Einstein with his theories and grasp of universal concepts that would result in world transformation did not praise his success to being a genius but to his curiosity.


“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”

Albert Einstein.

When kids engage in coding, they have the opportunity to think critically with an even enhanced ability to break down and solve complicated challenges across their academic experience.

Coding gifts kids the chance to go pass the phase of curiosity to creation!

Coding is like a game of levels. Contra was a game I played when I was much younger. Even though it took me a while to beat the first stage, I always carried with me in mind the scenes I already saw and I replayed them imagining ways I could go about it till I finally beat it. This worked for me because I could picture my end goal as well as what happens when I do it in a different way.

With coding, they don’t just imagine, they have the opportunity to test out their thoughts in fun projects. More so, when they successfully turn those questions into things that are real and tangible, they are prompted to developing more projects.

At 9jacodekids, we provide coding lessons suited for their needs from as early as age 4 and our materials, are embedded with hands-on project to stir up their thoughts. You can sign up your kids for our Afterschool online or Weekend Online code clubs or even learn at their own pace with our downloadable video packs for ages 4 to 16.

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