By Michael Davis

Before you crucify me please read on.

In the advent of the recent pandemic that has swept through the world and placed it on the verge of an economic meltdown and collapse, one would be wise to take a step back, readjust his spectacles and tweak his optical lens a little, to zoom into a very minute, unprecedented and mind-blowing opportunity lurking around within this menace. 

One of the greatest scientist to ever sojourn this earth, Albert Einstein, stated a very underlying reality we can’t avoid. He said “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity”. This cannot be more true at this point of our lives. Few days ago as reported by the Daily mail, most retail shops in the UK, have been placed under compulsory lock-down. The Olympics, a world revered event, has also been postponed. Football activities across the globe, has been suspended. The educational sector was not spared. At least over 300 million students all over the world are currently in isolation at home, most of which in advanced countries, are utilizing alternatives to carry out lectures without a hitch. Stock market’s crashing, and demand for non- essential products are on an all-time low. Firms are shutting down and are seeking for new ways to salvage whatever the virus has already tried to ravage. Governments are coming up with strict laws and social aids to subsidize the amount of inconveniences and trauma their citizens are going through. This, as the proverbial saying would state, is a sign of things to come. 

In Nigeria just recently, the president made a public broadcast, declaring an extension of a two weeks old lock-down for another 14 days. This stands as a huge uncertainty and risk for businesses who have squashed budgets and squeezed minimal resources in other to survive the past 14 days. What would be our fate? how do we survive? are the questions on the lips of everyone. Especially in an third world economy as ours, ravaged with corruption, mismanagement and poor leadership, that barely even possess the technology to alleviate the suffering of it’s citizens in this trying time. With this in mind, businesses are left with hard choices and decisions to make, that’ll possibly redirect the trajectory of their path.

So what ironically calls for celebration amidst this global quagmire?

Malcolm X, a human rights activist, says “The future belongs to those who prepare for it Today.” This, unfortunately is the future for the unprepared who never anticipated a day like this would come, where Brick and Mortal style of retailing and transaction, would be of a huge health risk to looming customers. Smart businesses have ceased the opportunity to improve and scale up profit margin without hindrance. Netflix, YouTube, and other social online platforms are recording their biggest ever sales. All of which mostly from the comfort of their homes. 

What do you think they are doing right?

If there’s no benefit we’ve derived from this outbreak yet, it is that our eyes have been opened to the slow pace at which we as a global community are leaping into the future. It has taught us that more than 50% of businesses and firms in the world are still clinging on to obsolete forms of operation. With this we’ve learnt a huge Lesson; TECHNOLOGY IS THE FUTURE. published an article captioned “8 ways to coronavirus-proof your business ASAP”, going through the read, one would realize one major standout point, and that is none other than Technology. If your business must be “coronavirus-proof” In this trying times, then you must board this transit of technology with the smart ones. As concerts, classes, church meetings are being moved online, including conferences, firms like Skype, Zoom et al are strongly profiting from this major shift. Joining them would only prove you’re wise. It will give you an edge over the conventional business folks who currently are isolating themselves at home and hoping for this to pass. Who knows, you might scale up your ROI in no time. Then when this finally over, you would be saying with us, “Thank God for coronavirus.” 

Finally, your wards are major stakeholders in the world’s future. If they’re not tech savvy, then you would only be making them repeat the same process their parents did which didn’t work. If there is a time to make them updated with the current tech programs in the world, then it’s now. The world won’t be so lenient on them when you’re gone. Now is the time to give them a Head-start. Utilize this school lockdown and compulsory isolation by enrolling them in our online tech courses for kids.  Then when this is all over, you’ll be saying with us, “THANK GOD FOR CORONAVIRUS”

Disclaimer: This post is not aimed at belittling the effect of the loss of lives this virus must have caused, but to open our eyes to the opportunities that lie within. Of course, this will pass, but after then what next. Are you prepared for the unforeseen future?

A big shout out to Doctors and medical practitioners all over the world risking their lives in order to make sure this epidemic is abated. May God bless you.