Weekend coding, programming, robotics club for kids in Port Harcourt

Learning to code is a continuous activity. Kids won’t become experts by attending a single holiday code camp, they need continuous immersion in coding. Our weekend code club, an 8-week long session provides the right environment for your kids to continue their programming journey.

They’ll have lots of fun learning to build their own games, mobile apps, robots, utility applications and much more. They’ll also stimulate their brains and build creative-thinking and problem-solving skills that will boost their performance in school.

Courses We Offer

9jacodekids Scratchjr

ScratchJr (Age 4-6) 

Requirements: Tablet (Android or Ipad)

Using a visual interface designed for young learners, ScratchJr is the latest Android and  iPad-based application developed in collaboration with MIT Media Labs. Through intuitive drag-and-drop coding blocks, students are introduced to the foundations of programming through creating simple games and animations. Through experimenting with code using fun and engaging characters and designs, students develop an understanding of logical thinking and basic computer science concepts.

Scratch Programming (Age 7-8)

Requirements: Laptop

Enter the world of Game Design, where students build amazing games using Scratch, a visual programming language designed by MIT. Students create multi-level games and learn to use programming concepts such as local and global variables, and the basics of object-oriented programming. We also teach students to animate characters to model whatever they want, and can create games that look and feel great.

App Inventor (Age 9+)

Requirements: Laptop

Created by MIT, the Android App Inventor empowers them to become creators of technology.  This simple tool introduces students to the basics of programming and app creation.  Students will get to create their very own original app that can be submitted to the Google Play Store!  

Lego Robotics (Age 9+)

Requirements: Laptop

Designed for ages 9+ and powered by the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Base Set and software. Students explore the exciting world of robotics and engineering. Combining the versatility of the LEGO building system and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software, this adventure encourages teamwork, friendship, and creativity from day one. 


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Tuition: N55,000 per child. Enjoy Sibling discount of N5000 off each child when enrolling more than one child.


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