Ugochukwu Nkwocha

By Ugochukwu Nkwocha

With the onslaught of COVID-19, social distancing is the new order. Schools have been shut down and parents are burdened with the responsibility of ensuring their children’s learning does not stop. Schools have resorted to providing online lessons to keep their students engaged. However, some parents are still on the fence as to the benefits of online learning for their kids. If you’re one of those, I’ve put down 5 points that could help move you away from the fence

1. It is the Future of Learning

  1. Millions of kids across different educational levels are currently learning online and the numbers are increasing rapidly due to the lockdown across the world. It is predicted that this trend is bound to continue even after COVID-19 must have gone. The e-learning industry is predicted to be worth more than $300 Billion Dollars by 2025. This estimate was made before COVID-19. With the current realities on ground and with the advent of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies that will enable e-learning to become more immersive, these figure is bound to be surpassed before 2025.

2. Access to quality education

  1. With online learning, parents have access to various options of material, instructors, and platforms that aren’t restricted to their physical location. You can choose to enroll your child in an online coding camp organised by world-class organizations that may by thousands of miles away. Previously you were stuck with whatever you had in your local community. Now distance isn’t a barrier to give your kids the quality of education you’ve always wanted.

3. Learning online can help build self-discipline and time-management skills

  1. A lot of parents have concerns that their kids won’t be able to concentrate in an online class since there is no teacher physically present to monitor their activities. While this has some truth in it, the reverse is also the case. Learning online requires serious self-discipline and motivation which are traits your kids need to succeed in life. What better way to build these skills in your kids than engaging them in online learning. As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”. The more they engage in learning online, the more discipline they can develop. This will greatly help them as they leave home for higher education.

  2. Online learning is also a great way to build your kids time-management skills. They set their own schedules and have to keep to them without a teacher helping them.  All these traits will indeed give them an edge in the workplace and beyond

4. Lower Costs

  1. Online learning reduces cost drastically for both the students and the providers. Because more students can be accommodated in an online environment than in a traditional environment, e-learning providers can afford to lower tuition costs to attract even more students. Transportation costs, and utility costs are examples of costs that would be greatly reduced.

5. Flexible Schedule and Environment

  1. With online learning, students are able to learn anywhere and anytime that is convenient for them. On-demand recorded lessons are self-paced as the child can rewatch lessons until they grasp the lessons at their own pace. Even live lessons can be recorded for later playback.

  1. Peradventure you may still have concerns about online safety for their kids but these concerns can be easily addressed by installing parental control softwares and website blockers on your kids devices to keep them safe as they use the Internet.

  2. The world is increasingly going virtual and the earlier we start preparing our kids for this reality, of course with safety measures, the better for them.

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